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4x increase in operator engagement

"Our operators have taken ownership of root cause problem solving since we introduced Cyzag Whiteboard"

Process Engineer, multinational chemicals manufacturer

Nouryon Case Study

Built-in Methodology

"We saw a 16% increase in OEE in less than 6 months - it was easy once we understood the main loss drivers"

Plant Manager, Germany

OEE Case Study

Rapidly deployable secure cloud service

"Return on investment proven to be well within our company's requirements"

Digital Director

No-code model implementation

"Using Cyzag Whiteboard we were able to identify over-consumption and then set up a project to model and track the process, avoiding a loss of ~€1M"

Operator, large chemical plant, Netherlands

Material Efficiency Case Study

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How Cyzag MX works



Cyzag MX maps your process and data in the cloud to make complex analysis simple


Operators build awareness of critical data and influential factors

Problem Solve

Using a unique tool suite, operators identify and deliver efficiencies and savings in real time


Automate identification of improvements and predict performance using AI