Sustainable Continuous Improvement Platform.

Align and connect your workforce

Optimize your manufacturing

Scale through your enterprise


Cyzag Whiteboard enables manufacturing organisations to deliver sustainable continuous improvement (CI) and operations.


The three pillars of Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Combines a bottom-up and top-down approach to achieve Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Align your organisation around a single source of the truth and common work processes.
Optimize by moving decision-making to the source and nurturing a sustainable CI culture through your organisation with live, contextualised data.
Scale CI by integrating and automating CI processes for pipeline and benefit tracking of all opportunities

Clients Who Trust Us

Operator, Netherlands

Using Cyzag Whiteboard we were able to identify over-consumption and then set up a project to model and track the process, avoiding a loss of ~€1M

Digital Director

Return on investment proven to be well within our company's requirements

Plant Manager, Germany

We saw a 16% increase in OEE in less than 6 months - it was easy once we understood the main loss drivers

Process Engineer

Our operators have taken ownership of root cause problem solving since we introduced Cyzag Whiteboard