Cyzag Whiteboard

Cyzag Whiteboard has been built together with users to ensure a fully functional and integrated solution

    Proven Benefits

    What's in the box

    Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

    Cyzag MX provides a tailor-made approach to measure OEE for the process industry. Both continuous and batch processes require a unique approach to measuring and tracking OEE. We have tested our solution in over 60 plants ensuring that both the methodology and the user experience are aligned with the way operators work in the process industry.

    Shift Logbook

    Activity logging and the shift handover are critical activities that ensure the safe and efficient running of a manufacturing facility. All too often manufacturers dismiss the importance of these activities and either don't engage in formal processes and/or have inadequate tools. The Cyzag MX platform was designed and developed together with operators, resulting in a comprehensive, user-centric manufacturing excellence platform. The Cyzag MX Live Logbook module reinvents the shift logbook, unifying live data together with operator activity logs. This results in a powerful visual representation of the process, including live process data and operator activities.

    Process or Material Efficiency

    Cyzag MX offers a unique way to track and optimise process parameters in real time. These parameters could include raw material consumptions, utility usage, emissions and other critical or sustainability process variables. Our built-in models are configurable, allowing for custom formulas to track primary or secondary drivers. Alerts and visual cues highlight areas which require attention before a loss occurs.

    Statistical Process Control (SPC)

    Cyzag MX SPC gives the best idea of process health. It allows to match like for like facilities, assets and products, tracking parameters such as quality, timing and process variables. The SPC module identifies sources of special and common cause variation providing a baseline for continuous process improvement. Operators are provided with tools that generate real time out-of-control alerts in order to take corrective action during their shift. Data generated within the module is used to assess process percentage health and provide common understanding for process pain points.


    One of the cornerstones of Cyzag MX success is giving users the right data and analysis at the right time and all in one place. Cyzag MX makes use of already familiar tools (e.g. trending) and overlays contextual information - this leads to accelerated adoption and shortens the learning curve. The tool has proven to increase user engagement to the extent where operators take ownership of root cause problem solving.

    Shop Floor Collaboration

    Embedded within Cyzag MX is the philosophy of team work. For example, operators are able to comment and annotate on events that occur during their shift. Ultimately this provides a timeline of data that compiles into the shift logbook ready for shift hand-over and daily morning meetings.

    Digital Whiteboard

    The whiteboard, whether it is in the control room, engineers' room or a site-wide whiteboard, typically tracks the heartbeat of a plant. Health & Safety, Project Tracking, Shift Logbook, Action Register, Communication List and KPI monitoring are some of the modules which Cyzag MX incorporates. Digitizing the whiteboard makes it possible for the entire organisation to work with the same set of data and towards the same set of goals.