Start Aligning Your Team in Less than an Hour

The Cyzag Whiteboard is designed with your users in mind. It is a no-code enterprise-wide platform that enables your organisation to take continuous improvement to the next level.

Case Studies

The Three Pillars of Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Cyzag Whiteboard was created to enable manufacturing organisations to deliver sustainable continuous improvement (CI) and operations. The user-centric design helps accelerate adoption and drive user engagement through an intuitive user experience.

It consists of boards and workflows which are configurable for any use case. Each board and workflow blends the ability to enforce standardisation while still allowing significant flexibility for differing environments.

The platform integrates data from multiple sources, processes, tools, analytics and collaboration to give a single hub for users. The integration allows decision-making moves to the shop floor and process, and production engineers can focus on larger-scale improvements. The enterprise has clear and accurate visibility of operations, benchmarking and CI initiatives.

The Cyzag Whiteboard is an enterprise wide platform that allows for shop floor use cases through to company wide CI initiatives.


Align your organisation around a single source of the truth and common work processes.

Typical Use Cases:

Logbook, Disturbance Logs, Task Management, Shift Sign off, Shift Handover, Visual Whiteboards, Routine Meeting Boards

Optimize by moving decision-making to the source and nurturing a sustainable CI culture through your organisation.

Typical Use Cases:

OEE, Raw Material/Utility Efficiency, SPC, Real-time alerts, Process Analytics

Scale CI by integrating and automating CI processes for pipeline and benefit tracking of all opportunities

Typical Use Cases:

Idea pipeline, CI Workflows, Benefit Analysis, Project Tracking and Reporting, Project A3 Boards.