Decades of Experience in Manufacturing

MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems

We have extensive experience with Manufacturing Execution Systems, such as GE Proficy, Apriso and Aspentech IP21.

Our services include system landscape assessments, requirements elicitation and solution delivery.

We are able to leverage our experience in a wide range of manufacturing processes from chemicals manufacturing, automative, food and beverage, steels and metals, pulp and paper and many more.

Manufacturing Excellence

Many digital transformation initiatives flounder because there is a gap between the user experience, the technical solution and the operational processes that bind them together.

The key to manufacturing excellence is defining the correct processes that an organisation can follow. This includes defining and implementing processes that suit your organisation, that are built on solid principles and include adequate change management and training.

Data Science for Manufacturing

While the hype around big data, IoT and Industry 4.0 is all fairly recent, the core concepts, processes and practices are not new to most manufacturers.

Manufacturing as an industry has been archiving data for the best part of the last three decades. The average manufacturing facility will archive in the region of 1tb of data per year and this number is growing as the adoption of smart sensors increases. However, data collection has historically been captured for single use. We at Cyzag are turning vast amounts of dormant data into value.

Cyzag has proven capabilities in data engineering, data analytics and machine learning to help discover value in this historical data. We work together with manufacturers to turn your data into useful operational and business intelligence.