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How Nobian Rapidly Adopted Digital Tools

How Nobian saved over €1 million implementing Cyzag, reducing waste and enabling better-informed decision-making processes amongst seven sites in three countries and 550 users. 

How to Save 2 Hours per Shift with Digitalisation

How our customer aligned shop floor activities, streamlined work processes with the consolidation of multiple tools and saved 2 hours per shift, eliminated 4 systems & 16 manual data flows. 

Our Results

Discover the power of Cyzag's platform, where customers have witnessed remarkable results that have transformed their businesses.

  • Jas Sinnott
    We chose Cyzag’s Whiteboard because of its focus on users, which is essential for engagement and success of the initiative, the flexibility of the platform that enables us to manage the technology ourselves and build our own use cases, combined with their highly agile approach.

    Jas Sinnott, VP Operational Excellence

  • Jens Lönquist-Roos
    Shop floor HUB (Digital Operations Hub) is a strategic and critical key digital project for Perstorp that will enable us to stabilise and improve production, letting our control room operators take data driven decisions in the right time by having “one single source of truth” displayed to them in one place.

    Jens Lönquist-Roos, Director of Global Continuous Improvement

  • Using Cyzag we were able to identify over-consumption and then set up a project to model and track the process, avoiding a loss of ~€1M

    Operator, Netherlands

  • We saw a 16% increase in OEE in less than 6 months - it was easy once we understood the main loss drivers

    Plant Manager, Germany


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